jjonomonom123: Why was the first thing you said to spirits daughter maka when you met her....when she was a a small child that is

Oh my, that was a while ago; and Spirit was bemusedly wary of introducing us for some reason I cannot ascertain (something about fatherly duty and unethical dissection subjects). So I knelt down, looked Maka right in the eye, and said, “Hello tiny Spirit offspring, I promise not to dissect you until your organs grow bigger.” Maka then reached over and—er, what is the word for it, ‘booped’ my nose.

Anonymous: Can I get extracredit if I let you dissect me?

I only give extra credit based on two circumstances:

1.  There are extenuating circumstances that effected a student’s capacity to complete their work.

2. Alternatively, a student dissection option is available with the stipulation that I get to keep a body part of my choice.

vveiner: Hey Prof, do you teach a class on 'Never Leaving Your Desk Chair'?

No, but I run the tutorials for Knowing When to Keep Your Mouth Shut.

itsdeepforhappypeople: Ever thought about getting contacts, Dr. Stein? Or are the glasses purely for 'the look' (though you don't seem like the kind of frivolous person to wear glasses just to look a certain way.)

I am currently engaged in several experiments regarding the long term effects of contact lenses. So far the results are promising, with an observable increase in the influence of my death stares and a 20% increase in disdainful looks.

Anonymous: Stein, have you ever considered adding glasses to your smilies, as so: 8)

I did once and got a verbal bitch-slap from Azusa. Apparently that is ‘her thing’ or some such nonsense.

askmagnem: ...-looks back and forth, and takes your phone, putting her contacts in it under the name 'Dr Magnekyo Funiki' and puts it down suspiciously-...

[Text] If you ever touch my phone again I’ll break all of your fingers and re-set them in the wrong direction. Have a nice day. (: